CASPIA CONTEMPORARY is a brainchild of two young women from Azerbaijan: Afsana Tahirova and Elnara Shikhlinskaya. Their goal is to bring exceptional works of art influenced by the culture and history of Azerbaijan to the global art world. Both Afsana and Elnara are passionate about their country and its heritage. By exhibiting the art from Azerbaijan they wish to share the unique beauty of the country with the rest of the world.

AFSANA has extensive global project management experience and an MBA degree from London Business School. Her passion for business is matched by the love affair with art which began as a child with a gift from her father – a book about a famous Azerbaijani artist Togrul Narimanbekov – which captured her young imagination in a family of art lovers. Drawn to Impressionism and vivid colours, Afsana enjoys artworks that trigger strong emotions and take her on a journey.

ELNARA is a medical doctor by profession. She grew up in a family of doctors who were also lovers of art. Discussion and appreciation of art were a big part of her childhood. It played such an important role in her life that she taught herself how to paint and has become an abstract expressionist artist in her own right. With a keen eye for bright colours and mixed shapes, Elnara luxuriates in works that communicate emotion and have strong social messages.

The two women met in London and their love of fine art drew them together where Caspia was born. First as a faint idea, it quickly grew into something more tangible – attracting and connecting very talented artists.

Caspia’s concept is not just about the art, it is also about the artists, their lives and experiences. It is about bringing the story behind the art to London.

The founders are using their knowledge and expertise to discover and showcase inspiring and beautiful art from Azerbaijan. The result is a meticulously crafted collection of talent to delight the global art market.