About Artist

Born in Baku, Emin Gahramanov struggled to pursue a career as the family were not artistic and could not see art as a career. He fought with his family to no avail, but thankfully, his grandfather supported him, taking him to art classes. He went on to Art College in Tbilisi, Georgia. His experimentation and perseverance led to a unique fusion of two different influences: Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Much of his work starts with the cold, dark colours typical of Georgian art. As the piece develops he introduces much warmer, brighter colours which are more typical of the Absheron region in Azerbaijan.

Emin derives his expression from a strong physical emotion before he paints… “It feels like a door opening and receiving immense inspirational energy and light from above…”

His paintings are both abstract and surrealistic. Some describe humans and strong human emotions, others concentrate on extraordinary characteristics of his mythological creatures.

Love is a central emotion of his art. He sometimes approaches love in an innocent way and describes his own family in his paintings. Other times, he takes a daring position by destroying barriers of intimacy and describes couples’ lovemaking. Another focal point for him are his dreams. Some of them affect him at a very high level, waking him up and pushing him to paint.

Emin has exhibited in Baku, Tbilisi and Istanbul, but his works have yet to be exposed to the London art market. Caspia Contemporary have secured some of Emin’s most striking pieces for their selection of works.