About Artist

The first in his family to attend school, Hajimirza knew his mind from an early age.  It was at school, whilst rehearsing for a play he saw his first art class, a young soldier teaching some older children how to paint. He was so overwhelmed by what he was witnessing he forced himself to walk into the lesson, feeling the desire to be part of the lesson, to know more.

Instead of turning him away, the soldier invited him to join the classes. Hajimirza marched back to rehearsals and quit the play. “This moment changed my life. I realised I did not care about a play or anything else. I just wanted to paint.”

Hajimirza attended art classes at school and then at Azim Azimzadeh College of Arts in Baku where his own style began to emerge, a style so unique that he was almost failed for ‘not being like the others’

While at University of Arts in Baku, Azerbaijan, his younger sister died in a tragic car accident. Hajimirza found himself spiralling down into severe depression, angry with life, angry with God.  A year after her death he attempted suicide. “In that fragile moment I suddenly heard a voice inside me saying ‘Stop!’”. Hajimirza felt reborn, he believes it was God saving him.

After this experience his painting style changed and evolved, moving towards conceptual and philosophical ideas.

Drawing inspiration from Zoroastrianism, ancient Turkic mythology and Islam each painting in his art depicts several stories. Sometimes these stories connect into one journey, other times they branch out into their own paths.

‘The ending of each story is for the viewer to imagine…”

Caspia Contemporary are proud to present a stunning selection of Hajimirza’s works in London for the first time. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the impact of this undiscovered talent close up.