About Artist

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan Jalal Aghayev attended art classes from a very early age. His mother, who saw him drawing pictures of cartoons he was watching could see talent in her young budding artist and wanted to nurture it. He enjoyed art classes so much he would miss school and spend all his time drawing.

Jalal continued his education at Azim Azimzadeh College of Arts and later in the Academy of Arts in Baku, specialising in graphics. But it wasn’t until his mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness that things changed. He turned to oils and canvas using the medium as a coping mechanism to survive the emotional rollercoaster.

“She was the one who introduced me to art and her illness pushed me to new horizons…”

It has been suggested that the women in his paintings are merely a mechanism to showcase the gemstones which have deep symbolic overtones for Jalal, with the stones bearing the stories from his past. Some may disagree.

His hometown, a happy place from his childhood, is ever present in his dreams and is also the subject of much of his work.

Jalal expresses his visions utilising vibrant colours and his unique spiralling technique.

He has exhibited in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine, and is yet to be discovered by Western Europe. Caspia Contemporary are excited to present an exclusive selection of Jalal’s works covering both his gemstone and spiralling hometown series.