About Artist

Larisa was born in Tientsin, China and her artist tendencies were apparent from an early age. Her art education started at the age of 7.

Despite her young age she would observe older children attending art classes from the doorway of the classroom, much to the frustration of the teacher who kept asking her to leave. Larisa’s persistent curiosity was rewarded when the teacher finally recognised her passion and commitment and allowed her to observe from the inside the classroom, occasionally teaching her some simple techniques. That year she was awarded ‘Best painting’ in the art class.

Larisa’s family moved to Russia when she was 10 at the behest of her Grandmother, who had fallen in love with the country. A creative herself, she encouraged Larisa towards art which led to Larisa boarding at The Moscow Secondary School of Art under the Surikov Arts Institute.

This was a dream for Larisa, not only was she studying art, but she could explore all the museums and galleries in Moscow as well as attend many plays and concerts. At the age of 14, Larisa was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for her painting that was submitted to an International Children’s Competition in Delhi, India.

Graduating from Surikov Arts Institute, she started work as an illustrator for a famous Moscow publishing house, whilst painting in her spare time.

Larisa moved to Uzbekistan after she visited Tashkent with friends, inspired by the sunny weather, warm people and colourful architecture. The culture and colours of the region had a huge impact on her paintings. In 1987 she was awarded the honorary title of ‘National Artist of Uzbekistan’

Larisa’s art explores the themes of love and solitude, frequently depicting romance and the good in human beings. Her works are deliberately large pieces, with thick texture and striking colours, aiming to create an immersive experience.

She has travelled and exhibited in Europe extensively with works in Tretiakov State Gallery in Moscow, Moscow Ministry of Culture Gallery, Tashkent National Museum of Arts and the Art Museum of Chianciano. Caspia Contemporary are proud to present four special paintings from Larisa’s recent collection.