About Artist

Vugar Muradov was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan where, from the age of 5, he started drawing with coals on the walls of the family home. His family were not artistic, but were very supportive of his creativity and encouraged his talent by sending him to art classes. Later he continued his art education at Azim Azimzadeh College of Arts in Baku.

His career as an artist started in a carpet factory, not creating new styles and contemporary designs, but copying old carpet patterns onto canvas for the carpet weavers to work on.

Seeking solace from this restrictive environment, but still drawn to the idea of exploring the world of carpets, he began drawing faces on sticky notes at his friend’s office, recreating the elements of carpets from his imagination.

After a few months, he realised he had drawn on over 400 sticky notes and was overwhelmingly inspired to create his famous ‘Face’ series. A series of 20 oil paintings on canvas established Vugar as an up and coming artist in the region, leading to numerous exhibitions. Of these 20 paintings, 18 have been acquired by private collectors around the world. Until recently, ‘The Guitar Player’ was on display at Azerbaijan National Art Museum in Baku, whilst ‘The Violinist’, his favourite in the series, had pride of place at home.

“Every 10 years my technique evolves…”

Subsequent collections from Vugar are as unique as the ‘Face’ series in their own right. He regularly introduces different techniques to his work. Some progressions seem logical, others so radical that they may bear no resemblance to the previous collection. Vugar feels this is natural, a reflection of changes in his life.

His most recent collection ‘Resemblance’ has seen a return to carpets, expressing the creatures and shapes from the furthest reaches of his imagination on canvas.

Throughout his career, Vugar has exhibited in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, United States, Japan and many European capitals exploring themes of trust, love and lust, capturing these emotions in his unique style. On 27 May 2018 he was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan’ by the President of Azerbaijan for his continuous contributions to the cultural heritage of the country.

Caspia Contemporary are proud to present Vugar’s art in London for the first time. This is a unique opportunity to see the last 2 pieces from the ‘Face’ series that are not in private collections.